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Emission Accounting

Less talking, more doing.

Why Emma?

  • Automatically calculates your emissions depending on your activity

  • Integrates your climate work with daily operations

  • Save time and resources through effective teamwork

  • Let go of cumbersome excel-files

  • Benchmarking

  • Take concrete measures and reduce emissions, become a hero 

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Våra experter guidar dig genom vårt digitala verktyg och visar dig hur du förenklar din koldioxidhantering. Fyll i dina uppgifter så kontaktar vi dig inom kort.

Mer om Emma

What is usually organized in big excel-sheets our digital tool Emma fix with the help of smart software. It makes your carbon dioxide reporting easier, smarter and scalable. 

Organize your reporting by engaging a group of people who are given responsibility for their specific area.

This approach will increase commitment to reducing emissions among employees. In addition, this way you will also save time, as a larger number of people share the workload.

As a report owner, you can follow the entire process, set reporting frequency and send notifications. There is also the possibility to overview the entire company or operations of a specific department.

Different types of statistics are available all the time, which allows you to follow the emission targets in real time and take action. The company has the option to communicate data, or add it to the annual report. Emma is also designed to cope with reporting according to the most important ESG key figures in environment/climate, GHG and GRI. This can be further reported to, for example, CDP. 

Smart teamwork

Organize your reporting using our teams function and assign activities that need reporting by adding reporters. This means that the entire organization can be involved linearly and you save time by sharing the tasks.

As a report owner, you can follow up on the process, set reporting frequency and send reminders. 

Your results are available all the time, which allows you to follow up on your emissions targets effectively. You also have the opportunity to communicate your results both internally and externally. Or why not export the data to your annual report?

Scalable reporting at low cost

Emma divides the reporting into four steps. In step one, you set up new Teams and Reporters. You also set the geographical location, frequency, end date and talk about what the reporters should report in the form of activities. Your reporters report according to Emma's standard execution, and it may be anything from business trips to material purchases. Your reporters can also choose to request information from suppliers. Emma measures and summarizes what is reported so your team can read the results. As the report owner, you can read all the statistics, send reminders if data is delayed, and use the results to implement emission-reducing measures. 

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hållbar tillväxt

We want you to grow with little or no climate impact. To be able to do that, you need good analyses, decision-making bases and a structured way of working. That's why Emma exists. 

Greenhouse gas emissions must drastically reduce if we are to achieve the heating target in the Paris Agreement. In order to limit heating to 1.5C, ensure emission reductions corresponding to 65%, which means that national commitments within the EU must be increased fivefold. This was concluded at the EU climate summit on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement in December 2020. The EU's goal today is to reduce emissions by 55% until 2030.

Companies and other organizations have an important role in the work of reducing emissions.