Quality control

An external audit of your report.

Increase quality and credibility

Are you already reporting according to one of the frameworks GHG, GRI or ÅRL? Then you have the option to let us do an audit of your report. A quality review of your reports according to the AA1000 standard, where we are a licensed agency. The process is carried out according to the standard framework and we set up a plan together. In short, it is about doing some sampling in calculations that have been made, and a control that each standard have the necessary parts reported. The process can be compared with an audit in connection with a financial statement. Based on the review, we then produce a report where we provide suggestions on what could possibly be improved. We also write a quality statement that you can attach to your sustainability report or other reports. It will increase the quality and credibility to your stakeholders.

What is AA1000?

Account Ability is a global consulting and standards company that collaborates with companies, authorities and multilateral organizations to promote responsible business practices and improve their long-term performance.

The standards in AA1000 contain simple, practical and easy-to-use frameworks for:

  • Develop, analyze and implement sustainability initiatives (AA1000AP, 2018)
  • Create and implement inclusive sustainability-related methods for stakeholder engagement (AA1000SES, 2015)
  • Ensuring credibility in reporting on progress towards sustainability goals (AA1000AS v3)

    Accountability 1000 is based on the following principles:
  • Inclusivity - People should have a say in the decisions that affect them.
  • Significance - Decision makers should identify and be clear about the areas of sustainability that are important.
  • Responsiveness - Organizations should act openly with regard to material sustainability areas and their related effects.
  • Impact - Organizations should monitor, measure and be responsible for how their actions affect their wider ecosystem.
AA1000 is a framework developer on World Economic Forums ESG (Ecosystem map)
Gidås is a licensed agency at AA1000.