Gidås & Swedish Ski Association

Björn Sandström, professional cross country skier and sustainability consultant.

Happy news!

Gidås are producing a emissions report for Swedish Ski Association


We are happy and proud to have been commissioned to make a emissions report for the Swedish Ski Association. The assignment means that we will compile the emissions within all 10 different branches at SSF. The 10 different disciplines are Alpine, Skicross, Freeskiing, Roller skiing, Cross-country skiing, Ski jumping, Hump, Snowboard, Speedski and Telemark. The purpose of the emissions report is to provide a solid basis, based on the GHG protocol, to generate emission reductions for the entire SSF.

How will we do it?
We will analyze data from the different branches. We use our digital climate tool, various standards and make calculations to produce emission data.

Thank you Swedish Ski Association.
/Team Gidås

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